Redefined Fitness

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I got started with redefined after being told by my wife about a program they run with Wounded Warriors Project. Through this program I got to meet Angel and Lance, the owners of the box. They are great people and truly care about you and your fitness needs. They have always made me and my family feel like family there. The programming is pure brilliance. Not only does it push and challenge you, but every session is fun.

Joseph D’Angelo

Redefined is a great box all around! Top of the notch coaching and programming with a great atmosphere! Whether you are an experienced athlete or a newbie they treat everybody the same and you'll get a great workout no matter your fitness level...last but not least you get to meet great people.

Tammy LP

Home away from home this place is amazing a year and half ago I was so intimidated by the word Crossfit never thought this was a place for me a mother of four but since day one they maid me feel like I was home I would not go to the box with out my sister know I look forward to doing 5am class every morning and fit class at 5pm every day thanks lance and angel and all the other coaches for everything y'all do!!!

Claudia Gabino

Great coaches who really want you the athlete to succeed! Knowledgeable and always willing to spend the extra minute or two to assist in getting the movements done correctly. Great family of members and staff.

Chris Harvin



CrossFit ReDefined - KidFitWarm-up (No Measure)Dynamic Warmup High Knees Butt Kicks Spiderman lunge down Inchworms back then 2x's 10 air squats 10 pushupsMetcon (Time)Skill: Front Squat (can work on using a technique bar) Workout: 3 rounds (can stagger start for front...

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CrossFit ReDefined - CrossFitWarm-up (No Measure)3x: 10 air squats 10 hollow body rocks 20 scorpions 20 crosses 10 roll backsBack Squat (5 @ 75%, 3 @ 85%, 1 @ 95%)Metcon (Time)12 min amrap: 300m run (3 laps) 12 t2b 10 box jumpsCool Downspend remaining...

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CrossFit ReDefined - CrossFitWarm-up (No Measure)high knees spider man lunge butt kicks toy soldiers 5 inch worms in place 1 min couch stretch ea leg 1 min frog stretch 3x: 200m row 15 wall ballsThruster (5x2)From the rack or from the ground, find a heavy set of 2....

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