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An Amazing Presentation

Lance Miles began CrossFit in late 2010 when he attended his Level I Certification Course. Not having any experience with CrossFit and simply taking the course to get another certification, he was floored. Taking what he learned and totally revamping his methods of training, he began coaching his clients with the CrossFit method. His clients immediately fell in love with the results. Not only did his clients love the results and the variety but they noticed that they became better at life in general. They also noticed a difference in Lance and his passion for their goals and helping them get there. Lance soon quit personal training and began coaching for another CrossFit affiliate before deciding to affiliate on his own.”

CrossFit Redefined was founded and affiliated in August 2012 and he began coaching classes out of his garage with neighbors and previous clients. Wanting to increase membership, he held an “I am Redefined” challenge. Hoping to get ten members he exceeded that and had to open seven more spots. He soon moved his class to a parking lot because space was becoming an issue (and his wife could no longer park in the garage). Within a two month time span CrossFit Redefined had to move locations three times to accommodate the rapid growth.”

Lance Miles and his wife, Stephanie set out to “redefine” fitness in their community by opening a CrossFit box that offered something different than traditional gyms. Seeking the help of life long friend, Angel Gonzalez, the three were able to start a wave of changes in families and their health. “It’s our passion for families and their health that keeps us going and we hope that our clients (who we call family) see that passion.”

Lance Miles

Lance Miles

Owner/Head Coach