Trinity Restorative Care (TRC) will be here every Tuesday. There is a sign up sheet above the ab mats. For a limited time, spot treatments are $20 and full body treatments are $40.

CrossFit ReDefined – Redefined Fit

Warm-up (No Measure)

– spiderman lunge down

– high knee skips back

– 5 inch worm> cobra> downward dog

– 10 windmills

– 20 mountain climbers

Metcon (Time)

Partner! 2X

-1k meter ski

– air squat

-4 shuttle sprints (bay door to bay door)

– pushups

– 20 g2oh w/ slam ball (70/50)

– supermans

1 small lap together (fast!)
1 person does movement 1 while partner does movement 2, switch as needed.