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Group Warm-Up

Warm-up (No Measure)

high knees down and back

high knee skips down and back

sampson stretch down/reverse lunge back

10 sky falls

10 empty bar good mornings

15 supermans

15 hollow body rocks

15 goblet squats #53/35

15 squat jumps


Metcon (No Measure)

Running with plate – carry the plate however

Burpees – you know burpees

TTB – focus on your hollow to arch in the kip swing.

Engage lats as you lean back and bring toes to bar.

Deadift – flat back/neutral spine with abs tight.

Drive thru your heels, as bar passes knees, bring your chest up and hips forward

– farmer’s carry – hold kb in “hang” position by your side. Maintain tall posture w/ abs engaged.

Front squat – high front rack position with elbows up and out. Stay on your heels, hips back and down.

– goblet squat – hold kb in bottom of squat w/ kb under chin and close to your body


Metcon (No Measure)

Each athlete perform:

3 burpees while partner holds plank

5 toes to bar while partner holds handstand

Warm up to deadlift weight – then perform 5 deadlifts at wod weight and while partner holds kb

Warm up to front squat weight – then perform 3 front squats at wod weight while partner holds bottom of goblet squat

Scaling options:

burpees – use box if unable to go to ground

ttb – knee raises, l-sit swings, v-ups

deadlifts – weight

front squats – weight

kb hold positions – weight


Metcon (Time)

Find a workout buddy!

22 min cap

400 meter run together each carrying a #25 plate

70 burpees – partner holds plank

60 toes-to-bar – partner holds handstand or wall walk hold

50 deadlifts #155/105

– partner holds 1 KB in farmer’s carry position (53/35) can switch hands whenever

40 front squats #135/85

– partner holds one KB in goblet squat position

400 meter run together – no plate

**500 M row if its raining – partner hold plate however