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Group Warm-Up

40-cal row

15 skyfalls

15 jumping jacks


15 burpees

MOBILITY (:30 each)


OH wall/box stretch

couch stretch

calf stretch

chest stretch on rig


Coach to spend 10 mins talking through the clean and working positions. Using a PVC pipe, get to the following positions.

From the ground to the knee

– Knee into the hips

– Hips to shrug

– Hips-shrug-high pull

– Pause in a high pull on tippy toes….coach counts to 3 and all athletes pull themselves under PVC pipe and catch clean

– Hips-shrug- high pull-pull under into clean (all one motion)

Barbell Warm Up

10 each:


High pulls

Hang cleans

Sq cleans

Work up to the weight you will be using for the metcon….weight should be heavy, but not so heavy that you ever have to take more than 8-10 seconds between reps.

Metcon (Time)


2 cleans (175/125)

20 bar-facing burpees

4 cleans

18 bar-facing burpees

6 cleans

16 bar-facing burpees

8 cleans

14 bar-facing burpees

10 cleans

12 bar-facing burpees

RX+: 205/145
Cleans can be either power or squat. Recommended to go singles from the very beginning. Control your breath as the burpees will begin to elevate the heartrate.

Weight is supposed to be heavy. One you can’t touch and go easily. Pick a weight that doesn’t require more than 8-10 seconds between cleans.

Move smoothly and efficiently on the burpees

Cool Down

foam roll or softball mash in a circle in middle of gym

Fellowship time.