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EQUIPMENT – jump rope, slamball

20 jumping jacks

15 skyfalls

15 scorpions

15 crosses

30 single unders

15 slams

15 slamball presses

:30 each


OH wall/box stretch

couch stretch

shin boxes

calf stretch

Barbell Warm Up

Coach to take the class through the barbell warmup and then through the clean.

w/ an empty barbell

10 DL

10 high pulls (from hang)

10 hang cleans

10 BTN strict press

Metcon (Time)

WITH A PARTNER-20 min cap

5 rds each – 10 rds total (YOU GO, I GO)

3 pwr cleans (try to touch-and-go right into S2OH)

3 S2OH

30 dubs


40 devil press – split however (50’s/35’s)

RX: 135/95

RX+: 185/125
“YOU GO, I GO” – partner A will do one full round of 3, 3, 30 while partner B rests. Once completed, then it’s partner B’s turn to do a full round while partner A rests. These should be mini-sprints done as quickly as possible. Continue in this manner for ten rounds (5 rounds for each partner).

For the Devil Presses, split the reps between you and your partner however you’d like.


Cleans/S2OH: weight

Dubs: tall singles

Devil Press: scale the weight first…then, if needed, scale to burpee + 2 KB swings