CrossFit ReDefined – CrossFit

Warm-up (No Measure)

10 roll backs

10 scorpions

10 crosses

1 big lap

10 kip swings

10 slams

10 empty barbell thrusters

Gymnastic Accessory Work

4×10 barbell supinated bent over rows (find a challenging weight)

5×5 supinated strict chin ups (use lightest band possible if needed)

3×5 strict hspu OR 3×10 downward dog hspu

Metcon (Time)

3x: 15 min time cap

21 back squats

15 power cleans

9 s2oh


*back squats from the ground unless a rack is needed* coach will determine

*med ball cleans or russian kb swings can be subbed for power cleans for newer athletes.