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Group Warm-Up

Warm-up (No Measure)

Do you rush through warmups just to get on with your training? Try looking at it as an opportunity to develop awareness to help you move better


8 strict kb upright rows (you pick weight)

8 jump squats


10 seated banded rows

*squeeze and hold for 3 seconds on all 10 reps

10 push ups

*hold at the top of the push up for 3 seconds and focus on externally rotating your elbow pits forward

20 second hang from the rig

*try to hold the hollow position as long as you can. when you feel form breaking, drop and rest. we want to avoid a dead hang. this can be done on the rings as well.


Warm-up (No Measure)

14 scorpions

14 crosses

10 roll backs

20 scarecrow shoulder rotations (2.5-5lb plates)

10 pronated superman “Y” “T” (2.5-5lb plates)

Strategy + WOD

Metcon (Time)

Warm up on bench press for 5-7 min and pick a weight that you can manage for 10 reps unbroken when fresh

For time:


Bench press

100m row

Ring dips

*move through this as fast as possible and don’t use the row as a “rest”. The aim is to sprint the row so we challenge our midline and breathing during the bench press.

*try to go unbroken on your bench press

(suggested weight is 60-65%)

*scale the ring dips to a box dip or banded ring dips if need be.